Fimo Professional 500 Pure Green 350gr


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FIMO professional, the refined FIMO classic

Professional users appreciate the high quality of this long-established modelling clay. Not only do its pure pigments offer exact blending results, the clay also provides exceptional dimensional stability thereby enabling sophisticated techniques. The perfect material for professionals, artists and advanced users.

Fimo Professional characteristics:

• Top-quality oven-hardening modelling clay for professionals, artists and advanced users
• Refined FIMO® classic
• The long-established modelling clay original
• Optimised colours with the purest of pigments for exact and brilliant blending results
• Firm consistency for particularly filigree items
• Harder than FIMO® soft
• Excellent dimensional stability
• Compatible with FIMO® soft, FIMO® effect and FIMO® professional doll art
• New block size: 350 g / 12.34 oz
• New packaging in contemporary, puristic design
• Resealable packaging, easy to open
• Available in 24 colours

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