Fimo Professional 85g 435 Cameo Opaque


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Special doll formula – for expressive faces!

NEW! FIMO® professional Doll Art large block – the refined FIMO Puppen. This time-tested modelling clay is designed specifically for the creation of dolls and sculptures. The natural colours with semi-matt porcelain finish make elaborately detailed faces look lifelike and highly expressive.

Fimo professional Doll Art Characteristics:

• Especially suitable for doll-making applications
• For detailed and filigree modelling
• Ideal for the adding of parts and smoothing over of joins
• Extremely pliable and dimensionally stable
• Harder than FIMO® soft
• Compatible with FIMO® professional, FIMO® soft and FIMO® effect
• Natural colours with semi-matt porcelain finish
• With practical portioning aid
• Special formula with excellent opacity for miniature faces

For doll-making applications, 85g (3oz), 55 x 55 x 24 mm, with portioning aid, 5 colours:
03 porcelain semi-opaque
432 rosé semi-opaque
44 beige semi-opaque
435 cameo opaque
45 sand opaque

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