Fimo Polymer Clay Mix-Quick 100g


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How to work with Fimo Mix Quick? Fimo Mix Quick is an essential ingredient of any modelers “toolbox”. The chemical reaction that happens between Fimo and this clear and slightly soft product is absolutely amazing. You only need to use a very small amount of mix quick, say 1/8th of the amount of Fimo being used to achieve the desired effect. You simply take the Fimo and Mix Quick and knead them together. Keep turning and stretching the resultant combined material until it suddenly softens in your hand and the Mix Quick has disappeared leaving your Fimo once again smooth, elastic and usable.It is important that when you choose your blocks of Fimo at point of sale that you gently press the block to make sure that you are not purchasing something that has been incorrectly stored. If you see any cracks appear do not buy that block but show it to the shop keeper, as it may have been overheated whilst on display.FIMO Quick Mix can also be used when you need to make all the colors in a polymer clay cane the same consistency. Add tiny amounts of the Mix Quick only to the clay that is firmer than the others, until they are all the same.Of course this can work the other way around too. You can stiffen up soft clay to match other firm clay by removing some plasticizers from the clay.

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