Fimo Soft Basic Clay 10 Lemon


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Size 55 x 55 x 15m, segmented into 8 portions. Fimo, the popular polymer clay noted for its firmness, is now available in a softer, easier-to-condition form. The softer formula makes it easier for children to use, though it is still firmer than other brands.Fimo Soft Polymer Clay is available in a variety of bright colors. It’s intermixable with Classic Fimo, and like Classic Fimo it hardens in the kitchen oven.Fimo has to be kneaded to make it pliable and elastic, special effect can be achieved by kneading together various colours, once the desired shade is achieved, any home oven is suitable for hardening FIMO. Preheat the oven at maximum 110°C/230° F. Ideal to create jewels, decoration objects, figurines.

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