Fimo Soft Trend Ocean Wave 57g


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Fimo Trend T36 Ocean Wave 57grs Limited edition

Product information
  • 6 trendy colours
  • Especially for beginners and hobby artists
  • Soft and smooth clay
  • Practical division into 8 portions for easy blending
  • Compatible with FIMO effect, FIMO leather-effect and FIMO professional
  • Standard block, 57 g (2 oz)
  • Easy to open
  • Infinitely versatile: For jewellery, accessories and home deco items

Use these special polymer clays to create unique and exciting Fimo projects. Choose from Glitter, Stone, Metallic, Nightglow, and Transparent effects. These clays can be used by themselves or intermixed with other Fimo clays. Fimo bakes to a hardened state in a kitchen oven, and can be carved, filed, cut, and painted once baked. Colors are fade-proof, odorless, and washable. Fimo has to be kneaded to make it pliable and elastic, special effect can be achieved by kneading together various colours, once the desired shade is achieved, any home oven is suitable for hardening Fimo. Preheat the oven at maximum 110°C/230° F. Ideal to create jewels, decoration objects, figurines.

In stock

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Introducing Fimo Soft Trend Ocean Wave

Dive into Creativity with Fimo Soft Trend Ocean Wave

Fimo Soft Trend Ocean Wave emerges as the latest innovation in the Fimo Soft lineup, offering a captivating blend of aquatic inspiration and artistic potential. With its mesmerizing color palette and versatile properties, this polymer clay invites crafters to explore the depths of their imagination.

Captivating Shades of the Sea:

Immerse yourself in the stunning hues of Fimo Soft Trend Ocean Wave, reminiscent of the ever-changing colors of the ocean. From deep azure blues to shimmering turquoise tones, this clay captures the essence of the sea’s boundless beauty and endless possibilities.

Soft and Pliable Texture:

Crafted with Fimo’s renowned soft formula, this clay boasts a smooth and pliable texture that is easy to sculpt and shape. Whether you’re crafting intricate seashells or sculpting graceful waves, Fimo Soft Trend Ocean Wave offers exceptional workability for your creative endeavors.

Endless Creative Applications:

From crafting seascapes to designing ocean-themed jewelry, the creative possibilities with Fimo Soft Trend Ocean Wave are limitless. Create lifelike marine creatures, sculpt intricate coral formations, or incorporate this captivating hue into mixed media projects to add a touch of aquatic elegance.

Bake with Ease:

Once your creations are complete, simply bake them in a standard home oven to set the clay. Fimo Soft Trend Ocean Wave cures at a low temperature, ensuring that your designs maintain their vibrant colors and durability, even after multiple uses.

Inspire Oceanic Adventures:

Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a novice exploring the world of polymer clay, Fimo Soft Trend Ocean Wave inspires creativity and encourages you to embark on oceanic adventures in your artistic pursuits. Let your imagination take flight as you dive into a world of marine marvels and underwater wonders.

Elevate your crafting experience with Fimo Soft Trend Ocean Wave and let your creativity flow like the tides of the sea.

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