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Fimo Deco Gel is the only one of the liquid clays which is clear while liquid. Cured it is much the same consistency as TLS.

Fimo Liquid is generally clearer than Liquid Sculpey, otherwise they have most of the same properties. If you plan to do image transfers Fimo liquid is the better choice over Liquid Sculpey.


What can I do with Liquid Clay? 

There are dozens of things you can do with liquid clay.

Sealing Paint
To give your sculpts a matte skin-like surface, brush TLS over the piece after painting (wait for the paint to dry of course) and bake for 15 minutes.

Cuttlefish Fins
To create ripply little fins like on my cuttlefish, take a piece of wire and shape it into a circle. Lay it on a piece of glass and squeeze liquid clay along the inside of the wire circle. Bake for 15 minutes at 300F, when cool straighten out the circle and you’ll have a ripply ribbon of clay that you can then cut into the length and shape you need.


Liquid Clay Projects 

The polymer clay : Application of Fimo Lacquer On Fimo Deecorating Gel to Creates Water Effects
Application of Fimo Lacquer On Fimo Deko Gel To Create Water Effect
National Polymer Clay Guild – Embedding Rice Paper in Liquid Polymer Clay: An Alternative to Transfers
Welcome to the National Polymer Clay Guild
washi paper and kato clear medium
Friend, Karen Thomas from Yasutomo gave me these lovely Japanese papers. For a long time, I just looked at them…until I came up with the Layered Dichro techniques. These papers work beautifully, encased in Kato Clear Medium.
Layered Dichroic Effects
The first person I ever recall using these foils (not leaf) on clay was Nancy Banks at a long ago Ravensdale. With their metallic sheen, they’re a natural for polymer dichroic effects. Artist, Lisa Pavelka has created beautiful work with her technique. This is my spin on dichroic glass
Leaf Fossil Pendants – Sculpey Clay Projects
Preserve a memory of a walk in the woods, a favorite garden plant, or sitting in the shade of a beloved tree by molding leaves with Sculpey Flex. Or, if it’s the dead of winter and all the leaves are gone, use some fern from the florist, as I did here!
Decoupage – Sculpey Clay Projects
By using Translucent Liquid Sculpey as both a glue and a glaze for this project, you can transform delicate papers into durable yet beautiful accents for jewelry home décor, and more!
TLS Experiments
The mad scientist in me just can’t resist when given an
artistic medium with so many possibilities and undiscovered uses. The temptation to pushthe envelope to find what Transparent Liquid Sculpey (TLS) can be used for, on, or in is simply irresistible.
Feather Wings
Making Feather Wings
Image Transfers
This section will try to cover various types of transferring images to your artwork. A lot are well known and some may be new. All give different results, some are easier than others and will need some practise and experimentation to achieve the effects you are after.
Creating Your Own Colored Polymer Liquid Clay, Using Fimo, Kato and Sculpey Liquid
Oil Paints : Best Medium For Creating Colored Liquid Polymer Clay
Crafts : Other : Liquid Clay Mosaics : Home & Garden Television
Make mosaics with liquid clay. Here’s how.

Liquid Clay Videos 

Polymer Clay Transfer’s

Polymer Clay TV Creating With Jones Tones and Mylar Backed F

Image Transfers with Liquid Clay 

One of the most popular uses for liquid polymer clays are image transfers. Image transfers have a myriad of uses, they can be used in scrap booking, polymer clay jewelry and sculpture, window clings, and more.
Image Transfer
A collection of image transfer methods. Check out the new “Image Transfer of the Day” module! Image transfer techniques have become a popular among artists, artisans and crafters, especially for collages and many types of altered art, as well as on fabric for quilts and t-shirts.
Toner Transfer
Transfers can be very confusing – toner, inkjet, lazer, Lazertran – it’s enough to drive a sane person nuts. These are instructions for making a toner or lazer transfer. In order for this to work, you’ve got to either print your originals at a copy store unless you have a lazer printer of your own.
Photo Transfer Beads and Pendants [Polymer Clay Tutorials #77 in Beads and Beading Series]
Photo transfer beads can be made using a variety of methods. This Beads and Beading Tutorial will show you the Toner Method for transferring photos and images onto polymer clay pendants. Suitable content for all levels from beginner to advanced.
Crafts : Purses : Liquid Clay Image-Transfer Purse : Home & Garden Television
Liquid Clay Image-Transfer Purse

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