Fimo Oven Thermometer


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Fimo Oven Thermometer

Attention beginers and Professionals!!!
If you are trying a new oven, take a minute to test it’s temperature, this could be a game changer on the quality of your pieces.
Too hot, it will burn, too cold it will break. The best is those steady 110º Celsius.

The best oven thermometer to check the real oven temperature to ensure a safe and pleasing baking of FIMO projects.
FIMO requires a specific baking temperature (Max 110°C) and with certain colours and particularly on light and delicate designs, accurate temperature control can be essential for re-bakes, colour retention and strength. Range 0 to 250°C

Fimo clay is a polymer compound that can be reshaped indefinitely with minute detail. Cooking it permanently sets its shape so you can create jewelry, doll faces and appendages, beads and other decorative objects. Correct temperature is an important factor in the success of your Fimo clay project. If the oven temperature is too low, the Fimo might crumble before it hardens. Too high of an oven temperature will burn the exterior of the polymer before it is baked through. After baking, you can finish Fimo clay with acrylic paints or varnish if desired, but baking will not fade its characteristically vivid colors. For best baking results, follow manufacturer’s instructions.

Check the accuracy of your oven with a freestanding oven thermometer. Move the thermometer to different areas of the oven to locate any hot spots that might affect your baking time.

Range 0 – 250 °C
Temperature tolerance +/- 2 °C
On blister card

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