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Sculpey Premo! Accents is America’s favorite polymer clay! Soft and ready to use!

Sculpey Premo! Accents Polymer Modelling Clay is very similar to Fimo
The main difference between them is that Sculpey Premo! Accents has a clay like texture whilst Fimo has plasticine texture. Sculpey Premo! Accents is the hobbyists preferred clay!
The same great polymer clay as Premo Sculpey® but the enhanced clays in the Premo! Sculpey® Accents line allows for making exciting and unique projects using an artist’s palette.The complete line of Premo! Sculpey® Accents has 26 rich colors:

  • 7 pearlized colors that are great for creating faux semi-precious stones.
  • 6 metallics containing tiny mica particles to create a reflective effect.
  • 2 translucents to lighten clays and provide a transparent effect.
  • 1 granite containing elements that give the appearance of natural stones.
  • 8 glitters for creating projects with a glittery, sparkly finish.
  • 2 bright fluorescents to add a pop of color.

If you need other colors besides the ones we have in stock just email us!

Sculpey Premo! Accents is Great for kids, teens, adults and seniors!
This very versatile clay can be sculpted, rolled, cut, painted and extruded through the Clay Gun. Bake according to package instructions, no kiln needed, just your oven! Once cool, it can be sanded, drilled, carved, and painted with waterbased acrylic paints or Sculpey brand glaze. Excellent for general crafting of jewelry, figures and home decor items.

Basic Instructions for Sculpey Premo! Accents:
Start with clean hands and work surface. Recommended work surfaces include Cool Tools Clayboard, glass surfaces, disposable foil, or wax paper. For best results, work light colors before dark colors to avoid staining clay. Condition clay by kneading until soft and smooth. When connecting two pieces of clay together, press firmly to ensure they stick together after baking. See baking times below. Do not use microwave oven. Do not exceed the recommended baking temperature or baking time.

Baking Times for Sculpey Premo! Accents:
Sulpey III bakes to hardness in the oven at 275°F (130°C) for 15 minutes per 1/4″ (6 mm) thickness. It requires no painting.

Changing the Consistency of Clay:
Sculpey clays have the unique ability to be made as firm or as soft as you like. To make your clay softer, simply add a few drops of Sculpey Mold Maker™ until desired consistency is reached. To make your clay more firm, roll your clay into a sheet. Sandwich your flat clay between 8-10 sheets of plain white copy paper. Place a weight on top of your clay (a phone book works great) and allow to sit for 1-24 hours, checking periodically.

Pre-Baking Test for Sculpey Premo! Accents:
Home oven temperatures may vary significantly depending on your oven, affecting the baking of your clay. To test the temperature of your oven prior to baking, pinch off a small ball of clay. Shape a disc about a 1/2″ in diameter, approximately a 1/4″ thick. Fire at appropriate temperature. Remove from oven and check color. Any darkened areas indicate that your oven is too hot. Lower your oven temperature by 10ºF and repeat test.

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