Practical accessories and tools for working with Polymer Clay

We also offer the relevant equipment you will need to work with polymer clay, including high-quality modelling tools. Fimo clay tools accessories Sculpey Cernit. These tools are specifically tailored to the needs of artists and advanced crafters. The following items are particularly suitable for use with polymer clay:

  • Modelling tools with various tips for precise shaping and forming
  • Blades for effortless cutting without squashing the clay
  • Acrylic roller for rolling out modelling clay
  • Fimo Sanding sponges for sanding hardened surfaces
  • Clay extruder for producing clay strings in various shapes
  • Shaped cutters in different sizes for designing jewellery
  • Clay machine for rolling out oven-hardening modelling clays
  • Clay scrapers for impressing and scoring patterns

With our modelling clays and tools, you will be optimally equipped to tackle any projects of any size.


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